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Hope for the Future Ministries offers mission experience breaks for christian groups wanting to experience serving God on the front line of mission to the poor and homeless.

The time is hard work, but more rewarding than any other form of break as you see the effect of the work on other people's lifes.

Accomodation and food is supplied. Transport can be arranged.

Group from England Warehouse work, stacking crates Visiting group helping lead worship Group washing trays after outreach

If your heart is for the poor and homeless, and you are looking for a way to serve, then Hope for the Future Ministries can supply you and your group what you are looking for.

Groups will stay at Hope House and travel to the warehouse at Farmingdale. At the warehouse the team can be involved in any or all of:

  • Unloading the vans as they come into the warehouse. Cleaning up and sorting out all donated goods, before crating and dating all items. The items will then be stored on the shelves or in the walk in refrigerator, making sure everything is stored in date order.
  • Helping cook the hot nutritious meals that the ministry is famous for, as well as making sandwiches. Placing the hot food in the insulated food carriers before loading them onto the vans to take out to the outreach.
  • Loading vans with the items required to make up the pantry bags on the outreach line, as well as the insulated food containers. On a Wednesday also loading up the sound system and music equipment for the church without walls service.
  • Cleaning and washing of the kitchen, offices, warehouse and vans.

At the outreach, groups will have the opportunity for spiritual service:

  • Joining in with leading worship.
  • Working with the street youth (some living at home, and some living on the streets).
  • Ministering to senior citizens.
  • If the group has prepared some street drama there will be the opportunity to perform this during the church without walls service. This will be by arrangement with Pastor Diane.
  • There are often requests for prayer, sometimes as part of the church without walls, but also during the food line.
  • As many of the people attending the outreaches have started to see the love of God in action for the first time, there are often personal evangelism opportunities, with many helpers leading people to a commitment to God.

Leisure Time
Sunday is a free day amd you have the option where to worship. If you do not have a preferred choice, the ministry can reccomend a suitable church. You can also take advantage of the leisure facilities at Hope House.

On Tuesdays you have the choice of joining in the outreach to Hemstead (alternate weeks), or to take the day off to relax at Hope House and enjoy the leisure facilities, visit the beach, travel into Manhattan for a day of siteseeing or use the many local facilities (gym/go karts/shopping etc).

Many groups have taken time to work with Hope for the Future Ministries and remember the time for the rest of their lifes. Paul in England who has been many times says "Working at the ministry may be hard work, but for some reason when I get home, I feel as if I have had a rest, but I also have this immense feeling of satisfaction." Others have described the time as "a life changing experience".

If you are considering full time work for God, getting involved with a group can be the first step you need to move into full time ministry. Pastor Diane Dunne knows many full time Christian workers who started their ministry soon after spending some time working with Hope for the Future Ministries.

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We had such a blessed time just because we got to see first hand what radical service in the name of Jesus looks like.


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this particular trip was especially rewarding, making it the best trip ever.

Linda & Dave

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