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Worship at church without walls

The Church without walls

The church without walls takes church to the people. Many homeless and poor people would not go inside a church, but feel comfortable at the church without walls.

God feels relevant when He is brought to you by a group of people that show God cares for you by meeting your physical needs.

The church without walls worshipping includes children

The Church Without Walls is not an average church.
To many people who have not been to the church without walls, the idea of a church that does not meet inside a building may seem weird, however this system works for the average homeless or poor person who feels disenfranchised by the church.

The question many people ask is "Is this a real church?" As you can see below, all the things you would normally associate with a church are there:

  • The service starts with worship.
  • Pastor Diane Dunne preaching at the church without walls
  • The word of God is preached by Pastor Diane Dunne, and by regular visiting preachers. Please note that this is not a simple gospel message, but includes lifestyle challenging subjects you would expect to hear in any church. However as there are often new people visiting, the gospel is included.
  • There is often an altar call (chance to be prayed for).
  • Yes there are notices.
  • Visitors are welcomed and many people become christians. This happens regularly. Ask yourself how often you see people making first time commitments at your church.
  • New christians are baptised.
  • The congregation is often over 200.

Church groups who come to support Hope for the Future Ministries often help out at the church without walls by:

  • Leading worship
  • Preaching
  • Street drama

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... the sermons have been awesome and just what I needed to hear.


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I have found great solace in the words and music of the service of Hope for the Future.


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