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Counselling people within their environment

Christian counselling in New York and Long Island

As most of the people that Hope for the Future Ministries deals with are in difficult situations, many of them require counselling.

Being a minsitry that goes to the people, there are no luxury offices, the ministry helps people where they are, often this means in the streets where they live.

Counselling takes place where the ministry meets people

Pastoral counselling is a day to day way of life for Pastor Diane Dunne. Many of the people that come to outreaches run by the ministry are from a difficult background with family, mental, financial, alcohol and drug related problems. Some of these people can be helped by Pastor Diane with Pastoral counselling.

Some of the people that seek help from the ministry require more help than can be given on the street. In cases like this, many people have been referred to professional counsellors or programs like the twelve step program.

Has this made a difference to people? Many of the people that have been helped by the ministry have been referred to drug and alcohol programes, and are now clean and coming back to help out on the street on ministry days.

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Pastor Diane has been an arm that has contributed with a spiritual redemption that helped me see an opening at the end of the rainbow.


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