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Lady with food supplied by HFTFM

Feeding the hungry in New York and Long Island

For many of the people on the Hope for the Future Ministries food line, these are the only hot meals they have, either because they are homeless or just do not have cooking facilities.

As well as the hot food, all people joining the line get a pantry bag with a range of food.

One hot meal supplied free to the hungry

What does it really mean to be poor on Long Island or Manhattan?
To be poor means not having the money to buy enough food to eat healthily, or in the case of some of the people who visit the Hope for the Future Ministries outreach, to not have any money to buy food!

Hope for the Future Ministries prides itself in supplying good, balanced nutritious food. This does not happen by using the most expensive ingredients, but by making sure while using the cost effective ingredients available, there is a good balance of food in all the pantry bags and hot meals supplied.

Does it work? Well in a survey among visitors to the line in early 2009, the consensus was that Hope for the Future Ministries serves the best food among the mobile or stationery soup kitchens in the metropolitan area.

Family with some of the food they received

What is in an average pantry bag?

  • Milk
  • Fruit juice
  • Meat
  • Potatoes, pasta or rice
  • Eggs
  • Chips
  • Butter or margarine
  • Yoghurt or other dessert
  • Candy or similar treat

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For the last nine years Hope for the Future has been a big help with food, clothes and things for my house I can't buy myself.

Jesus Fernandez

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The food they give out is not served alone. It comes with a healthy portion of hope!


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