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Volunteer opportunities

Hope for the Future Ministries opportunities include:

Driving, Fund Raising, Youth Leader, Public Relations, Office Administration, Working with Seniors, Cleaning, Kitchen, Warehouse, Van Repair and Servicing, Team Organising, Outreach Support.

If you have a skill, the chances are the ministry will find your skills helpfull.

Hope for the Future van Kitchen work, preparing hot meals for outreach Kitchen work, make friends as you team up Helping out in the office Cleaning up in kitchen Sorting and crating a delivery in the warehouse Visiting group performing their own street drama

Hope for the Future Ministries is looking for people like you to help out. See below for a list of the most urgent needs, however if you have a skill that you think you could offer to the ministry let us know.

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  • Driving
    The ministry regularly receives donated food and other items which need to be collected. If you are able to drive a van and have some time available, you could be collecting items from warehouses and shops on a regular basis, or on an occasional basis when a call with an offer comes in to the warehouse.
  • Fund Raising
    As you can see from the Financial Help page, the ministry needs a lot of money to run. This job is essential to the ministry as the more money that is raised, the more people the ministry can help.
  • Youth Leader
    There is a strong interest from youth at the locations where the ministry works. At the moment the ministry is unable to build on that interest. This position would suit someone currently studying at a bible college who is looking for an internship for experience of working with youth.
  • Public Relations
    This work requires someone with experience of networking and promoting the name of an organisation. Although the ministry is well known where it serves the people, it is not known well enough by businesses and churches. The need is to network and make the name of the ministry known, and where it is known, to communicate what the ministry does, and how effective it is at helping people change their life.
  • Office Administration
    There always seems to be more paperwork to deal with. Pastor Diane would love to be able to concentrate on what she is good at, helping and ministering to people, so is looking for people who can help out in the office either as office manager (organising the office and managing helpers), as well as people who just want to help with day to day administration. Volunteers will need to be computer literate.
  • Working With Seniors
    As you can see on the Supporting the Elderly page, the ministry supports a large number of senior citizens. People who have a heart for senior citizens are needed to extend this side of the ministry, by oganising day trips, arranging counselling, home and hospital visits, and generally helping to improve their life.
  • Cleaning
    To supply food to people requires a lot of warehouse, office and kitchen space as well as vans to transport the goods. All these areas need to be cleaned and maintained to levels set by the board of health. The ministry needs people with a heart for excellence in work to help with the cleaning. Training will be given to help maintain the high standards of the ministry.
  • Kitchen
    With over 700 hot meals and hundreds of sandwiches provided each week, there is a need for people to work in the preparation of food in the kitchen in Farmingdale. Depending on your time you can volunteer to just make sandwiches, or get involved in the cooking of the hot nutritious (and according to the people on the streets, very tasty) meals provided by the ministry.
  • Warehouse
    The warehouse contains large quantities of food, beverages and housewares. These are regularly supplied to people on the outreach lines. Warehouse volunteers will be busy with incoming and outgoing produce, as well as rotating stock to make sure that the food supplied is always fresh. The ministry needs people who are well organised and fit enough to move heavy boxes around.
  • Van Repair & Servicing
    With five vans sharing over ten trips per week, they are working very hard. To save the ministry paying for regular service and day to day maintenance it is urgent to find volunteers with experience as vehicle mechanics. Work includes general servicing, oil changes and general maintenance.
  • Team Organising
    Hope for the Future Ministries offers short term opportunities for groups to come and experience serving in the inner city and urban environment. These groups come not just from Long Island, or even America, but from all over the world. The ministry is looking for a person with good organisation and communication skills to book the teams in, arrange accomodation, arrange collection from the airport if they are coming from abroad, and generally make sure their time with the ministry flows smoothly.
  • Outreach Support
    Many groups join the ministry to help out on the outreach days, both in the church without walls service and the line giving out the pantry bags and hot food. This is open to any group or person with a heart for people. Many groups create a street drama to use as part of the church service. As with all the areas of service, please contact the office first to make sure that there is room available on the dates you wish to help out.

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This trip reminded me of how much all people crave to be loved and respected, and I will practice that in my day to day living here in Ohio.

Anne Watson

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Hope For The Future Ministries is genuinely amazing; helping those that are less fortunate really opened my eyes toward missionary work.

Jared Sarchet

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