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Many people accept Jesus as personal saviour

Hope for the Future Ministries has seen so many people come into a pesonal relationship with Jesus that they have lost count!

*** It is no longer an event, it is expected. ***

Pastor Diane Dunne estimates that since 1987 there are many hundreds that have made that first time commitment, but she would not be surprised if the figure was in the thousands.

Baptism in a borrowed church building

How does Hope for the Future Ministries teach so many people to have a relationship with God?
The answer is simple, if you show people that God loves them in a practical way, by meeting their personal needs and living Christianity in front of them, they are more likely to believe you when you say that God loves them enough to die for them.

The phrase holistic care is so often used, meaning to look after the whole person. Hope for the Future Ministries believes in looking after the whole person. As well as looking after the physical needs of the people they support, the ministry offers Jesus as an answer to spiritual needs. The important part of the work is not to force people to come to Jesus, but to make it clear that Jesus loves and cares for them so much that he chose to die for them, and giving them opportunities to accept Jesus as their saviour at a time when they are ready.

Person being baptised in the sea Person being baptised in a kiddie pool

When a person comes to have a relationship with Christ they are suppoprted by the ministry with Bibles, and teaching them the basics of christianity as needed. This helps them understand the decision they have made. Part of the teaching includes baptism, so many of the people who have commietted their lives to Christ in the ministry outreach decide they want to be baptised.

As the Church Without Walls meets in a park, it follows that it there is no baptistry. This means that baptising new believers requires Pastor Diane Dunne to use her ingenuity has come up with a way to baptise people. Methods used include:

  • Swimming pools.
  • The bay / ocean.
  • Kiddie pools.

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"Were you a Chistian before you joined the ministry?"

"While I was here."

Emile - Video interview

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I love God so much.


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