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Supporting senior citizens in New York and Long Island

Pastor Diane Dunne has a special place in her heart for the senior citizens at Hope for the Future outreaches. A place at the front of the line is reserved specially for them.

Many senior citizens find friendship with other people, as well as meeting Jesus.

Senior citizens receiving homewares

Imagine life as a senior citizen on Long Island or Manhattan.
With a limited income, the temptation is to try to save money by locking yourself in your appartment. When the weather turns cold (which it regularly does) you can't afford the heating, so you just wrap up in a blanket, with an occasional coffee or soup to try to warm you up! You need to renew your medications, do you eat or do you collect your medication? Is that a life we want to give to the people who have spent their life working for this country?

Pastor Diane Dunne and the team at Hope for the Future Ministries don't think this is a life to offer to our senior citizens.

Senior citizens waiting for line to open

How does Hope for the Future Ministries help them?

  • Pantry bags and hot meals up to twice a week (money saved can be spent on heating their appartment or paying for medications).
  • Senior citizen getting free flu shot
  • Housewares to brighten up and warm their homes. Due to the generous support from people like yourself and local businesses, Hope for the Future Ministries is able to supply the extras that we all take for granted, that are needed to make a home comfortable, such as mirrors, cooking utensils, blankets, sheets, bathroom accessories and more.
  • Short lines. As older people feel the cold more than the young, and don't have the strength to stand in line for long periods, senior citizens are always the first to pass down the line receiving the love of God in the form of pantry bags, hot food and homewares.
  • Home delivery of food when needed. When someone is too ill or too weak to visit the line to collect their hot meal and pantry bag, Pastor Diane will take the food to their home.
  • Prayer visits. As Pastor Diane has a heart for the senior citizens, she will make time to visit them in their homes and take time to pray with them. For those who feel on the outside of a caring society, imagine what a difference this makes to their life.
  • A chance to meet and make new friends. With loneliness being a major problem for older people, many of their friends having died or moved out of the area, the chance to meet people with a similar situation at the Hope for the Future outreach can be all that is required for some of them to feel that life is worth living.
  • A church they can feel part of. Some senior citizens feel outside of society, can feel at home going to church with like minded people, so regularly attend the Church Without Walls.
  • Health support. With health being a big issue for senior citizens, Hope for the future Ministries has been able to arrange free flu shots.

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Thank you for helping us put smiles back on the faces of our Seniors and all those that are in need.

Pastor Diane

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In my old age Pastor Diane and Hope for the Future have helped me to go on.


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