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Marie Martinez

Hope for the Future Ministries touched my life

See below for testimonials from people that have been helped by Hope for the Future Ministries.

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Rock & Roll (Eddie Evans) Eddie Evans - known as Rock & Roll - July ⁄ August 2008 newsletter

Rock and Roll met Pastor Diane on the lower East side 20 years ago and by his own admission, was intoxicated.

"In her kindness she began to show signs of trying to make a difference in those souls that were seemingly lost in some oblivion of hopelessness. Pastor Diane has been an arm that has contributed with a spiritual redemption that helped me see an opening at the end of the rainbow. And, she helped me see that someone really does care."

"Over the years, she has faced many frustra-tions. Yet to my wonder-ment, she has made an impact, I suppose, on everyone's life, not just the down-trodden. From time to time, I have mar-veled at the undying devotion that is in her heart. If she has the courage to praise the Lord for His goodness, so do I."

Marie Martinez Marie Martinez - February 2008 newsletter

Marie attended her local church from time to time and did what she could to care for her family. But there was something missing and Hope For The Future seemed to have it.

"At first, I wasn't interested in the service", Marie shared. "Then after a while, I started to enjoy it and would go to service every Wednesday"
"I never miss an outreach unless it's an emergency! I've learned so many things about God that I never knew before. If I miss a service, I'm out of sorts until the next one. This is my church."

Marie's husband Fruto suffered from three(3) strokes in a months time. He was very ill and Hope for the Future's team was there for her.
"Everyone kept praying for me and my husband, I knew that God was with us and we are both so thankful for all of the love, prayers and support."

Irene Irene - Sept ⁄ October 2007 Newsletter

Irene has physical challenges that prevent her from working full time, so Hope for the Future has filled in the blanks in her income. Irene speaks lovingly about Pastor Diane:

"She helps the homeless guys out no matter how many times they lose their stuff, she always replaces it, knowing their plight. With the price of food and rent going up, she is a God-send."

"Last. but not least, she really cares about people, feeding not only their bodies, but their souls. Her messages really nourish my spirit."

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With the price of food and rent going up she is a God-send.


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We are both so thankful for all of the love, prayers and support.

Marie & Fruto

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